Producer who breaks all the rules.

The man behind the console stringing clips together is Kevin McCabe. He graduated from University of South Florida and worked for ESPN and NBC where he honed his skills that would later change the look and sound of outdoor television. In 1999, Kevin used his innovative concept of adrenaline-driven production to create Addictive Fishing Television.  Using his unique movie format, he and childhood friend, Capt. Blair Wiggins created The Mogan Man - a hyper caffeinated character who's a cross between the crocodile hunter and a professional wrestler.  15 years later, audiences across the country tune in each week to see the fishing adventures.  McCabe Productions (MPI) continues to spread their infectious format with a new TV show, Tactical Angler, going into production this spring and airing this fall as the very first fishing show based in the Northeast.


Communicator who makes healthy choices.

With her degree from the University of Nebraska, Patrice didn’t know much about saltwater fishing before she joined the MPI team. Her head for business and an ever growing passion for the outdoors allowed her to meld right in. Trice plays a leading role in keeping this team sailing smooth and in the right direction. When she is not shuffling papers and selling advertising, she can be found rattling pots & pans in the kitchen. Anybody visiting her Dirty Dog Ranch can be assured they will be well fed.